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Sign DeSigns is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals with excellence in design
and craftsmanship for promoting your business to the world.   
I look forward to meeting you and using 30 years of experience to guide your business toward success.


Karen Heinzman
Sign DeSigns
Please email us at
if you would like 
to add yours.

"For years you have done design work for our business and always go above and beyond my expectations. We know that when we give you a basic idea of what we need you will come up with something better than we ever expected. You have designed our logo, business card, wall sign, window sign, auto signs, brochures, postcards, newspaper ads and a sidewalk sign. Then you did Valentine's party decorating in my home plus a bedroom and living room restyling which I continue to enjoy two years later.  I could not be more grateful for your expert creative work."


Norita Dahlin, Flowers for Rent  

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