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BRANDING     Advertising
Tri-Fold Brochure, Front and Back
Baseball Field Sign
Icon Designs for Website
Advertising Package for Cafe & Lounge
Sign and Banner Designs
Front and Back of Hand-out Brochure with Map
Advertising Package for Gift & Stationery Shop
Ad for Gesa Powerhouse Brochure
Rack Card
Sidewalk Sign Design with Chalkboard
Design for Metal Hanging Sign
under Canopy
Spring Ad forLifestyles Magazine
Advertising Package for Political Campaign
Original Logo for Various Size Signs
Design for Newspaper Ads
Design for Hand-Outs
Advertising Package for Flower Shop
Business Info on Postcard with Map
Hand-out Brochure
Revamped Logo on
New Business Card
Advertising Package for Bakery Shop
Logo Design with Hanging Sign Design
Gift Certificate Design with Logo
Design for Coffee Punch Card
Front and Back of Business Card
Advertising Package for Campus Directional Signs
Design of Campus Map Brochure for Student Orientation
Design of Campus Building Sign
Design of All Campus Building Signs
Design of New Campus Directional Sign
One of Two Hand-Painted Entrance Signs
Design for E&V Center, engraved by Wylie Monuments
Hand-Painted Shield
Ad for Yellow Pages
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